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Mr. Mark Albert Facilities Manager; & Transportation Coordinator 216-441-4700 Ext. 263
Mr. Marc Amos Teaching Math Cell/Text/Message: 440.574.0053
Mr. Thomas Anderson Teaching Math 216.441.4700 Ext. 274
Mr. Matthew Anselmi Teaching Theology; & Campus Ministry Cell/Text/Message 440.723.8285
Mr. Kyle Archer Intervention Specialist 216-441-4700 Ext. 376
Mrs. Ann Armen Teaching Science 216.441.4700
Mrs. Pat Ayers Academic Associate 216.441.4700 Ext. 261
Ms. Maryhelen Bednarchik Teaching Math 216.441.4700 Ext. 322
Mr. William Benn Part-Time Math (Mondays and Tuesdays) 216-441-4700 Ext. 380
Mr. Victor Benton Teaching Spanish Voice/Cell/Text 216-282-7491 (se habla español)
Mr. Anthony Bien Teaching Social Studies Cell/Text/Message: 216.512.0472 - Mówimy po polsku
Ms. Lydia Brazie Intervention Specialist Cell/Text/Message 440.409.7035
Ms. Beverly Brewer Intervention Aide Cell/Text/Message 440.834.2505
Mrs. Mary Catherine Brondfield Teaching Visual Arts; & Fine Arts Department Chairperson Cell/Text/Message 440.340.3523
Mrs. Leslie Bukovsky Teaching Math; & Math Department Chairperson Cell/Text/Message 724.677.6284
Ms. Eileen Canepari Advancement Data Manager 216.441.4700 Ext. 231
Mr. James Carfagna Tutoring 216.441.4700
Mr. John Crawford, Jr. Dean of Students and Assistant Athletic Director Cell/Text/Message 440.249.0725; or Desk: 216.441.4700, ext 277
Mrs. Martha Croll Librarian; & Teaching Physics 216.441.4700 Ext. 239
Mr. William Cumming Teaching Science 216.441.4700 Ext. 304
Ms. Brooke Danforth Intervention Specialist and Departmental Co-Chairperson 216-441-4700 Ext. 360
Mrs. Carmella Davies Director of Admissions Cell/Text/Message: 440.409.7474
Sr. Karen Dolovacky, SND ACT Preparation Cell/Message/Text: 440-549-0436
Mr. Jordan Duke Study Hall Monitor; & Instructional Aid 216.441.4700
Mr. Aaron Eatman Dean of School Engagement & Teaching English Cell/Text/Message: 216-309-0920
Dr. MaryLynne Filaccio School Psychologist; & School Counselor (Last Names H to 0) 216.441.4700 Ext. 250
Mr. Charles Garofalo Teaching Health 216.441.4700 Ext. 354
Mr. Michael George Teaching Math 216.441.4700 Ext. 396
Mr. Richard Goodrich Director of Finance, Purchasing, and Plant Management 216.641.2002 (Direct Line) Ext. Internal: #228
Mrs. Nadine Gurley Office Assistant 216.441.4700 Ext. 201
Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SND Principal Desk: 216.641.2035; Cell/Text/Message 440.549.0543
Mrs. Erikka Hardy Teaching Science 216.441.4700 Ext. 276
Dr. Lanny K. Hollis Associate Principal, Academic Dean, Assisting in Guidance, & Teaching Latin Desk 216.641.2036; Cell/Text 440.561.6162 - Se habla español - (Twitter #lkhollis)
Mr. Clifford "Tip" Hosack Director of Advancement 216.441.4700 Ext. 224
Ms. Caitlin Hunt Teaching Science; & Science Department Chairperson 216.441.4700 Ext. 216
Mr. Todd Hunter Teaching Math and Intervention Aid 216.441.4700 Ext. 384
Mr. Leo P. Hyland President Desk 216.641.2001; Cell/Text/Message 216.307.7830
Mrs. Beverly Jarrett Bookstore & Office Assistant 216.441.4700 Ext. 248
Mrs. Anne Johns School Counselor (Last Names P to Z) 216.441.4700 Ext. 246
Mr. Michael Johnson Facilities Team 216.441.4700
Ms. Patricia Johnson Student Accounts Manager 216.641.2038 (Direct Line) Ext. Internal: #227
Ms. Traci Jones Teaching Music 216.441.4700 Ext. 307
Mrs. Lynn Kanengeiser School Nurse 216.441.4700 Ext. 242
Mr. Brian Keating Teaching Math Cell/Text/Message 216.816.0663
Mrs. Jacqueline Keim Communications Manager 216-441-4700 Ext. 284
Mr. Joseph Kilbane Teaching English Cell/Voice/Text 440.549.0845
Mrs. Cynthia Kinley Intervention Specialist and Departmental Co-Chairperson Cell/Text/Message 440.940.6150
Ms. Maggie Lash Athletic Director 216.441.4700 Ext. 262
Ms. Gina Lucchesi Teaching Math Cell/Test/Message 216.505.0780
Mr. John Lundy, Sr. Teaching Physical Education; & Head Football Coach Cell/Text/Message 216.233.1705
Mrs. Chriss Maglionico Cafeteria Manager 216-403-2717
Mrs. Diane Matzorkis Teaching Science 216.441.4700 Ext. 326
Ms. Adriel Meyer Teaching Visual Arts Cell/Text/Message 216-800-6222
Ms. Katherine Modic Teaching Theology 216.441.4700 Ext. 358
Mrs. Desiree Moyer-Stephens Instructional Mentor; Teaching English; & English Department Chairperson Cell/Text/Message: 216.512.0488
Mr. Stephen Munn Dean of Students Desk: 234; Cell/Text: 216.816.1022
Mr. David Murphy Intervention Specialist 216.441.4700 Ext. 244
Mr. Thomas Murphy III Teaching Physical Education 216.441.4700 Ext. 350 Se habla español
Ms. Linda O'Neill Facilities Team 216.441.4700
Mr. Michael Palcisko Teaching Math 216.441.4700 Ext. 386
Mrs. Mary Perperidis Intervention Specialist Cell/Text/Message 216-282-7368
Mr. R. Noah Pollock Teaching English Cell/Text/Message: 216.512-0977 - Se habla español
Mrs. Montina Preston Intervention Specialist and Teaching Science 216.441.4700 Ext. 382
Ms. Beth Rancourt Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences 216.441.4700 Ext. 368
Mr. William Ready Teaching Social Studies Cell/Text/Message: 216-512-1735
Mrs. Leslie Reesing Intervention Specialist 216.441.4700 Ext. 250
Mr. Matthew Regan Facilities Team 216.441.4700
Mr. Preston Roberts Teaching Science 216.441.4700 Ext. 312
Mr. Joseph Rock II Teaching English 330.760.7066
Mrs. Karen Savage Intervention Specialist 216.441.4700 Ext. 271
Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SND Teaching English, Publications, and Music 216.441.4700 Ext. 330
Ms. María Schock Teaching Spanish Cell/Text/Message: 216-309-1781 (Se habla español)
Mrs. Tracy Scott Book Clerk 216.441.4700 Ext. 249
Ms. Pamela Shelley Work-Study Program Coordinator; & Office Assistant 216.441.4700 Ext. 225
Mr. William Sluzewski Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations 216.441.4700 Ext. 281
Mr. Marcus Steer Teaching Theology; & Campus Ministry 216.441.4700 Ext. 388
Mr. John M. Strmac Teaching Social Studies 216.441.4700 Ext. 320
Mr. Thomas Tamasi Student Records Coordinator/Registrar 216.441.4700 Ext. 243
Mrs. Margaret Toaz School Counselor (Last Names P to Z) 216.441.4700 Ext. 246
Mrs. Carol Troxell Teaching Computer Science; & Technology & Career Science Department Chairperson and Department Chairperson Cell/Text/Message: 440-941-1584
Mr. Andrew Ulle Teaching Math 216.441.4700 Ext. 398
Mrs. Jennifer Vásquez School Counselor (Last Name A to G) Desk: 216.441.4700, ext. 226; Cell/Text 762-441-0226
Mr. Matthew Wallenhorst Teaching Theology and Social Studies; & Campus Ministry 216.441.4700 Ext. 370
Ms. Cynthia Webster Teaching Theology; & Campus Ministry 216.441.4700 Ext. 309
Mrs. Donita Wilks Attendance and Office Assistant 216.441.4700 Ext. 220
Mrs. Erin Williams Teaching Social Studies Cell/Text/Message 234.256.0428
Mr. Steven Winkler Teaching Spanish; & Second Language Department Chairperson 440-742-4652 - Se habla español
Mr. Ralph Wroblewski Teaching Social Studies; & Social Studies Department Chairperson 216.441.4700 Ext. 394
Mrs. D'Arcy A. Zeigler Teaching Reading Cell/Text/Message: 216.586.4296.
Ms. Linda Ziska Teaching Theology; Campus Ministry; & Theology Department Chairperson Cell/Message/Text: 440.544.6586
Mr. John Zito Teaching English 216.441.4700, ext. 223
Sr. Erin Zubal, OSU School Counselor (Last Names H to O) Desk: 441-4700, ext 255; Cell/Text: 216.393.7661
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