Student Grades and Progress

What is ProgressBook?

Cleveland Central Catholic High School uses a web-based grading program called ProgressBook.  This resource makes the tasks of monitoring student grades and progress easier and more effective, as it acts as an electronic window into the teachers’ gradebook--that is, parents and students can directly see the entered assignments, grades, and/or comments made by a student’s teacher.  
ProgressBook acts as a great communication tool for parents and students, as they can view upcoming assignments and academic progress and also be alerted to missing assignments or those for which a student receives a grade below a threshold set by parents. ProgressBook makes every day progress report day.
Below are both the link to the Progressbook site and a brief tutorial page that will help to familiarize parents and students with entering the site.  Parents may also access attendance records and email messages from this site.  
The required Login Names and Passwords will be issued from the school within the first few weeks of the school year.  If you have questions after that, please contact your student’s guidance counselor.  
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