Latest News – Important Information 2020-21 School Year

August 28, 2020

Beginning Monday of next week, through Thursday, students will be attending an in-person orientation where they will follow their schedule and meet their teachers and pick up their Chromebooks.  Students will attend one of the four days according to their last name, unless you made other arrangements with Sister Erin due to a conflict.  Students with the last names A – D will attend Monday, last names E – K will attend Tuesday, last names L – R will attend Wednesday and last names S – Z will attend Thursday. Students may be dropped off starting at 7:30 a.m. at the atrium doors and can be picked up in the same spot at 10:00 am.  Students may wear appropriate dress down clothes and masks are required.  Parents and guardians must wait outside when dropping off and picking up.  Please be mindful that both Forman Avenue and Baxter Avenue are one way streets during drop off.  If you have any questions please call 216-641-2036

Family Communication August 28, 2020

August 21, 2020

Remote Learning – Quarter 1, 2020-2021

Orientation Days (In Person): August 31st, September 1st, 2nd, 3rd

For the orientation days students will meet their teachers, login to their Google Classrooms, receive information about Google Meet, receive textbooks and an overview of classroom expectations, instructions for joining a Google Meet session during their assigned class period on their assigned day(s), and additional information from their teachers.

Orientation Schedule: Students in Attendance

Monday, August 31:  A-D (and siblings assigned to Mondays as noted on student schedules)

Tuesday, Sept. 1:  E-K (and siblings assigned to Tuesdays as noted on their schedules)

Wednesday, Sept. 2: L-R (and siblings assigned to Wednesdays as noted on their schedules)

Thursday, Sept. 3: S-Z (and siblings assigned to Thursdays as noted on their schedules)

Schedule for each day (August 31-September 3)

7:55-8:25         Period 1

8:28 – 8:43      Period 2

8:46 – 9:01      Period 3

9:04 – 9:19      Period 44B or Period 4B5

9:22 – 9:37      Period 55B or Period 5B6

9:40 – 9:55      Period 7

Each student will be provided a bag with an issued Chromebook, school supplies, and reusable face masks.

From September 8 through November 6, 2020 (first nine weeks of remote learning)

On their assigned day(s) students will attend each class remotely (on-line) at the time each period is scheduled. On the other days of the week, students may join a Google Meet help session during a teacher’s office hours for assistance with weekly Google Classroom assignments.

SAMPLE Student Schedule:


17:55-8:55Theology IVDonohoe8Monday
39:56-10:51Ironman WayDuke Ja300Monday
410:54-11:21English 12Rock301Monday
4B11:24-11:49English 12Rock301Monday


In this sample schedule the student will join a Google Meet through Google Classroom with the teacher and classmates assigned for Monday. Each meeting session will include a small group of students in order to provide more individualized attention.

Students are required to attend remotely ALL of their classes including the Ironman Way period on the day(s) assigned. Attendance will be taken each period and recorded in PowerTeacher.

The lesson will be taught remotely by the teacher. Student participation will be included in the lesson.  Teachers will share their screen, use Google Slides or Google Docs for presentation purposes, and use other tools for “writing on the board” while teaching.  When students sign on they will have the option of having video on or off depending on their comfort level.

Assignments for the week will be based on the content taught during the lesson for the week.

Teachers will offer help sessions and office hours at specific times during the school day.  The Ironman Way period has been added to allow for additional support of student learning as well. This is an effort to support remote learning and to provide additional assistance to students at various times when needed.


Staff office hours for academic and Ironman Way assistance:


Staff NameStaff EmailOffice Hours (times are M-F) unless otherwise noted
Anderson, T.tanderson@ccc-hs.orgMrs. Chea will provide office hours for assistance with Mr. Anderson’s classes.  Please see her office hour schedule.
Armen, Aaarmen@ccc-hs.org12:22-1:17
Banks, Ddbanks@ccc-hs.orgMrs. Croll and Mr. Cumming will provide office hours to assist with Mrs. Banks’ classes. Please see their schedules.
Bedell, M.mbedell@ccc-hs.org7:55-8:55
Benton, V.vbenton@ccc-hs.org11:24-1:17
Bien, Aabien@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Brazie, L.lbrazie@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Brennan, A.abrennan@ccc-hs.org12:22-1:17

Social Skills Daily from 9:56-10:51

Brondfield,M.mbrondfield@ccc-hs.org12:22 – 2:15
Bukovsky, Llbukovsky@ccc-hs.org10:54-11:49
Callender, C.ccallender@ccc-hs.org11:24-12:19
Chea, K.kchea@ccc-hs.org7:55-9:53, 10:54-11:49, 12:22-2:15
Cifani, Aacifani@ccc-hs.org9:56-10:51
Coccia, S.scoccia@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Crawford, J.jcrawford@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Croll, M.mcroll@ccc-hs.org7:55-9:53, 10:54-11:49
Cumming, W.wcumming@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53, 1:20-2:15
Davies, C.cdavies@ccc-hs.org9:56-10:51, 1:20-2:15
Dominguez, L.ldominguez@ccc-hs.org10:54-11:49
Donohoe, D.ddonohoe@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53
Duke, Jamesjaduke@ccc-hs.org10:54-11:49
Duke, Jordanjduke@ccc-hs.org11:24-12:19, 1:20-2:15
Edwards, Eeedwards@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Fuerst, M.mfuerst@ccc-hs.orgMrs. McDaniel/ Mr. Mackey:  office hours for Eng 10, Mr D. Murphy: office hours for W History DL
Garofalo, C.cgarofalo@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15


Staff NameStaff EmailOffice Hours (times are M-F) unless otherwise noted
Hargis, C.chargis@ccc-hs.orgMr Ulle will provide office hours for Algebra II and Geometry. Please see his office hour schedule.
Jones, T.tjones@ccc-hs.org12:22-2:15
Kelley, M.mkelley@ccc-hs.org10:54-11:49
Kimmel, J.jkimmel@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Lash, M.mlash@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Lundy, J.jlundy@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Mackey, K.kmackey@ccc-hs.org7:55-8:55
Martin, Y.ymartin@ccc-hs.org9:56-10:51
McDaniel, D.dmcdaniel@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53
Messner, M.mmessner@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Morse, K.kmorse@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53, 11:24-12:19
Muller, Sr. Madeline

MWF 10:00-2:00
Murphy, Ddmurphy@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Murphy, TCtmurphy@ccc-hs.org12:22-2:15
Nestor, A.anestor@ccc-hs.org12:22-1:17
Petrella, D.dpetrella@ccc-hs.org9:56-10:51
Pollock, N.npollock@ccc-hs.org10:54-11:49
Popik, R.rpopik@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15
Rancourt, B.brancourt@ccc-hs.org7:55-9:53
Roberts, P.proberts@ccc-hs.org12:22-1:17
Rock, J.jrock@ccc-hs.org12:22-1:17
Salata, B.bsalata@ccc-hs.orgMTWR: 7:55-8:55  Friday: 1:20-2:15
Schlather, Sr. M. Setonmschlather@ccc-hs.orgMTR: 9:56-10:51 MTR: 1:20-2:15
Shabazz, K.kshabazz@ccc-hs.org8:58-10:51
Stobbe, J.jstobbe@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53
Stricklen, B.bstricklen@ccc-hs.org7:55-8:55
Thomas, R.rthomas@ccc-hs.orgOffice Hours by appointment
Troxell, C.ctroxell@ccc-hs.org7:55-8:55, 10:54-11:49
Ulle, A.aulle@ccc-hs.org7:55-9:53, 12:22-1:17
Vail, P.pvail@ccc-hs.org8:58-9:53,  12:22-2:15
Webster, C.cwebster@ccc-hs.orgMTW 7:55-8:55
Williams, E.ewilliams@ccc-hs.org7:55-8:55
Winkler, S.swinkler@ccc-hs.org11:24-1:17
Wroblewski, R.rwroblewski@ccc-hs.org1:20-2:15

The Ironman Way teachers will have access to grades via PowerSchool and will be co-teachers in Google Classroom in order to provide support to the students with whom they are working

Ironman Way TeacherGrade Level
Mr. BentonGrade 9
Mrs. BrondfieldGrade 9
Mr. CallenderGrade 10 and Grade 11
Mr. CrawfordGrade 11 and Grade 12
Mrs. DaviesGrade 9
Mr. James DukeGrade 12
Mr. Jordan DukeGrade 11 and Grade 12
Mr. GarofaloGrade 10
Mrs. JonesGrade 11 and Grade 12
Miss LashGrade 10
Mr. LundyGrade 11 and Grade 12
Miss MorseGrade 10 and Grade 12
Mr. T. MurphyGrade 10
Miss RancourtGrade 11
Sr. M. SetonGrade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11
Mr. ThomasGrade 10 and Grade 11
Mrs. TroxellGrade 9

Remote Learning Quarter 1, 2020-2021


August 7, 2020

Dear Cleveland Central Catholic families,

We pray each of you are well.  Enclosed you will find important updates and communication regarding the 2020-2021 academic year.

For the safety and wellness of our faculty, staff, and students and to support student learning we have made the decision to follow the recommendation of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health issued on July 30, 2020.  The recommendation is as follows:

“Begin the 2020-21 school year operating remotely due to the elevated health risk posed to students, staff and family members and discontinue extracurriculars such as sports, band, theater, choir and other activities during the remote learning period.”

This decision was made with great consideration and discernment in light of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health’s recent recommendation. We recognize and acknowledge this decision brings sadness and disappointment. There will be missed social interaction, and extracurricular activities. It is hard to imagine starting the school year without the positive community spirit that fills our halls.  COVID-19 has presented unique challenges that restrict us from providing in-person education for a community of almost 650 students, faculty and staff.

The following important information empowers us to live out the ministry of catholic education remotely with intention, care and consistency.  More information will be shared in the days ahead.

We are grateful for your continued trust and flexibility as we navigate and respond to the ever-changing landscape of this global pandemic.


Mr. Hyland, Sr. Allison Marie, Sr. Erin, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Duke

Updated Remote Learning Information

School Calendar: The first day of remote online learning will begin Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  This is to ensure quality professional development is completed to prepare us for nine weeks of online learning.  The first nine weeks of online learning will take place September 8th – November 6th

Extracurricular activities: In accord with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health all extracurricular activities and athletics on campus or off campus are suspended through November 6, 2020.

Chromebooks: To support online learning each student will be issued a Chromebook for their use. Chromebooks will be distributed on assigned days the week of August 31st.  More information will be forthcoming.

Schedules:  Student schedules will be sent home in the mail the week of August 10th.

Online Remote Learning: Each student will be attending online remote learning from home.  Students will login to google classroom, as well as virtual real-time classes and instruction as available. Students will be instructed from their teachers along with additional support from Ironman Way teachers and intervention specialists.  Students will be able to login for “office hours” for additional help as needed throughout the week.

Internet: Please contact Sr. Erin at 216-641-2036 or if you do not have internet access in your home.

Back to School Forms: Thank you to everyone who has already completed and turned in the back to school forms.  If you have not done so, please complete and return forms to the school Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm.  You can also mail them back if you prefer.

Office Hours: The school office is open from 7:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday to drop off or pick up paperwork.  Face coverings / masks are required to enter the building.  All visitors must enter at the atrium doors located at 67th Street and Baxter Ave.

Third Federal Work Study Program:  We are aware many families rely on volunteering with the Third Federal Work Study Program to assist with tuition payment.  While all volunteering with CCC is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 protocols, we are working diligently to provide financial assistance to families in need. We will share more information with you in the weeks ahead.

Transportation: Cleveland Central Catholic will continue to offer transportation to and from school once we return to in-person education for those who sign up for this service. If you have not signed up for transportation or want to verify that you have signed up, please contact Mr. Albert at 216-441-4700 ext. 263.  

Food Distribution:  We are currently working with the Diocese of Cleveland and the Cleveland Food Bank to provide food distribution one day a week starting in September.  We will keep you posted as this develops.

Student Support:  We know these are challenging times. Any student or family who is in need of social, emotional or crisis support should contact Sr. Erin at 216-641-2036 for additional support and assistance.

Family Communication August 7, 2020

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