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Mr. Mark Albert Facilities Manager; & Transportation Coordinator216-441-4700 Ext: 263
Mr. Marc AmosTeaching MathCell/Text/Message: 440.574.0053
Mr. Thomas AndersonTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 274
Mr. John Crawford, Jr.Dean of Students and Assistant Athletic DirectorCell/Text/Message 440.249.0725; or Desk: 216.441.4700 Ext: 277
Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SNDPrincipalDesk: 216.641.2035; Cell/Text/Message 440.549.0543
Mr. Leo P. HylandPresidentDesk 216.641.2001; Cell/Text/Message 216.307.7830
Sr. Erin Zubal, OSUAssistant PrincipalDesk: 441-4700, ext 229; Cell/Text: 216.393.7661
Mrs. Pat AyersAcademic Associate216.441.4700 Ext: 261
Ms. Eileen CanepariTuition Accounts Manager/Information and Database Manager216.441.4700 Ext: 227
Mrs. Carmella DaviesStudent Opportunities Advisor216.236.8581
Ms. Hallie GallagherDirector of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations216.441.4700 Ext: 281
Mr. Richard GoodrichDirector of Finance, Purchasing, and Plant Management216.641.2002 (Direct Line) Ext: Internal: #228
Mrs. Nadine GurleyOffice Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 201
Mr. Clifford “Tip” HosackDirector of Advancement216.441.4700 Ext: 224
Mr. Todd HunterSchool Counselor (Last Names H-O)216.441.4700 Ext: 255
Mr. Michael JohnsonFacilities Team216.441.4700
Mrs. Jacqueline KeimCommunications Manager216-441-4700 Ext: 284
Ms. Maggie LashAthletic Director216.441.4700 Ext: 262
Mr. John Lundy, Sr.Student Mentor, Head Football CoachCell/Text/Message 216.233.1705
Ms. Turea MooreStudy Hall Monitor, Assistant Basketball Coach216 441 4700
Ms. Linda O’NeillFacilities Team216.441.4700
Mr. Matthew ReganFacilities Team216.441.4700
Mrs. Mildred RiveraFacilities Team216 441 4700
Mrs. Tracy ScottBook Clerk216.441.4700 Ext: 249
Ms. Pamela ShelleyWork-Study Program Coordinator; & Office Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 225
Mr. Thomas TamasiStudent Records Coordinator/Registrar216.441.4700 Ext: 243
Sr. Nicole Marie Varnerin, SNDMath Teacher & Attendance216.441.4700 Ext: 235
Mrs. Donita WilksAttendance and Office Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 220
Mrs. Chriss MaglionicoCafeteria Manager216-403-2717
Mrs. Ann ArmenTeaching Science216.441.4700
Ms. Maryhelen BednarchikTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 322
Mr. Victor BentonTeaching SpanishVoice/Cell/Text 216-282-7491 (se habla español)
Mr. Anthony BienTeaching Social StudiesCell/Text/Message: 216.512.0472 - Mówimy po polsku
Ms. Lydia BrazieIntervention SpecialistCell/Text/Message 440.409.7035
Mrs. Mary Catherine BrondfieldTeaching Visual Arts; & Fine Arts Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 440.340.3523
Mrs. Leslie BukovskyTeaching Math; & Math Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 724.677.6284
Mr. James CarfagnaTutoring216.441.4700
Mrs. Martha CrollLibrarian; & Teaching Physics216.441.4700 Ext. 239
Mr. William CummingTeaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 304
Mr. Jordan DukeStudy Hall Monitor; & Instructional Aid216.441.4700
Mr. Charles GarofaloTeaching Health216.441.4700 Ext: 354
Mrs. Anne JohnsSchool Counselor (Last Names P to Z)216.441.4700 Ext: 246
Ms. Traci JonesTeaching Music216.441.4700 Ext: 307
Ms. Joni KimmelMathematics Teacher216 441 4700
Mrs. Cynthia KinleyIntervention Specialist and Departmental Co-ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 440.940.6150
Mr. Chad KuchenmeisterTeacher Algebra216 441 4700
Ms. Katherine ModicTeaching Theology216.441.4700 Ext: 358
Mr. David MurphyIntervention Specialist216.441.4700 Ext: 244
Mr. Thomas Murphy IIITeaching Physical Education216.441.4700 Ext: 350 Se habla español
Mr. R. Noah PollockTeaching EnglishCell/Text/Message: 216.512-0977 - Se habla español
Mr. Robert PopikTeacher Theology216 441 4700
Mrs. Montina PrestonIntervention Specialist and Teaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 382
Ms. Beth RancourtTeaching Family and Consumer Sciences216.441.4700 Ext: 368
Mr. Preston RobertsTeaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 312
Mr. Joseph Rock IITeaching English330.760.7066 Ext:
Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SNDTeaching English, Publications, and Music216.441.4700 Ext: 330
Mr. Brad StricklenTeaching Algebra 1216 441 4700
Mrs. Margaret ToazSchool Counselor (Last Names P to Z)216.441.4700 Ext: 246
Mrs. Carol TroxellTeaching Computer Science; & Technology & Career Science Department Chairperson and Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message: 440-941-1584
Mr. Andrew UlleTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 398
Mrs. Jennifer VásquezSchool Counselor (Last Name A to G)Desk: 216.441.4700, ext. 226; Cell/Text 762-441-0226 Ext:
Ms. Cynthia WebsterTeaching Theology; & Campus Ministry216.441.4700 Ext: 309
Mrs. Erin WilliamsTeaching Social StudiesCell/Text/Message 234.256.0428
Mr. Steven WinklerTeaching Spanish; & Second Language Department Chairperson440-742-4652 - Se habla español
Mr. Ralph WroblewskiTeaching Social Studies; & Social Studies Department Chairperson216.441.4700 Ext: 394
Mrs. D’Arcy A. ZeiglerTeaching ReadingCell/Text/Message: 216.586.4296
Mr. James DukeDean of Students216.441.4700
Mr. Michael BedellTeaching Theology and Campus Ministry216.441.4700
Ms. Jessica BrockTeaching Science216.441.4700
Mr. Christopher CallenderDirector of Student Success216.441.4700
Ms. Ashley CifaniTeaching Social Studies and Theology, Campus Ministry216.441.4700
Ms. Susan CocciaTeaching Math216.441.4700
Ms. Luz Dominguez `15Teaching Science216.441.4700
Ms. Ayeshah Ilahi-JonesIntervention Specialist216.441.4700
Ms. Sharon JohnsonIntervention Specialist216.441.4700
Ms. Joyce NeedhamIntervention Specialist216.441.4700
Ms. Beth Ann SalataTeaching English216.441.4700
Mr. Mike KelleyIntervention Specialist216 441 4700
Mr. Kevin MackeyIntervention Specialist216 441 4700
Mr. Scott SanbornTeaching English216 441 4700
Mr. Rick ThomasTeaching Art216 441 4700
Mr. Brad NegulescuTeaching Social Studies216 441 4700
Mr. David DonohoeTeaching Theology216.441.4700
Ms. DeAndre BrannerAdmission Director440.409.7474
Mr. Christopher McClureMaintenance216.441.4700
Ms. Jeannie SimsTeaches English216.441.4700