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Mr. Mark Albert Facilities Manager & Transportation Coordinator216-441-4700 Ext: 263
Lizandra Alicea `15Guidance Department
Mr. Thomas AndersonTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 274
Mrs. Ann ArmenTeaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 390
Mrs. Pat AyersAcademic Associate216.441.4700 Ext: 261
Mr. Michael BedellTeaching Theology and Campus Ministry216.441.4700 Ext: 376
Mr. Victor Benton `12Teaching SpanishVoice/Cell/Text 216-282-7491 (se habla español) Ext: 366
Mr. Bruno BielloDirector of Finance216 441 4700 Ext: 228
Mr. Anthony Bien `99Teaching Social StudiesCell/Text/Message: 216.512.0472 - Mówimy po polsku Ext: 318
Ms. DeAndre BrannerAdmission Director440.409.7474 Ext: 233
Ms. Lydia BrazieIntervention SpecialistCell/Text/Message 440.409.7035 Ext: 283
Mr. Andrew BrennanIntervention Specialist216 441 4700
Mrs. Mary Catherine BrondfieldTeaching Visual Arts; & Fine Arts Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 440.340.3523 Ext: 378
Mrs. Leslie BukovskyTeaching Math; & Math Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 724.677.6284
Mr. Christopher CallenderDirector of Student Success216.441.4700 Ext: 236
Ms. Eileen CanepariTuition Accounts Manager/Information and Database Manager216.441.4700 Ext: 227
Mr. James CarfagnaTutoring216.441.4700
Ms. Ashley CifaniTeaching Social Studies and Theology, Campus Ministry216.441.4700 Ext: 216
Ms. Susan CocciaTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 279
Mr. John Crawford, Jr. `84Dean of Students and Assistant Athletic DirectorCell/Text/Message 440.249.0725; or Desk: 216.441.4700 Ext: 277
Mrs. Martha Croll `77Librarian & Teaching Physics216.441.4700 Ext. 239
Mr. William CummingTeaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 304
Mrs. Carmella DaviesStudent Opportunities Advisor216.236.8581 Ext: 231
Ms. Luz Dominguez `15Teaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 326
Mr. David DonohoeTeaching Theology216.441.4700 Ext: 272
Mr. Jordan DukeStudy Hall Monitor; & Instructional Aide; Head Coach Boys Varsity Basketball216.441.4700 Ext: 223
Mr. James DukeDean of Students216.441.4700 Ext: 234
Ms. Eva EdwardsTeaching Science216 441 4700 Ext: 360
Ms. Mary FuesrtIntervention Specialist216 441 4700
Ms. Hallie GallagherDirector of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations216.441.4700 Ext: 281
Mr. Charles GarofaloTeaching Health216.441.4700 Ext: 354
Mrs. Nadine GurleyOffice Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 201
Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic, SNDPrincipalDesk: 216.641.2035; Cell/Text/Message 440.549.0543
Mr. Clifford “Tip” HosackDirector of Advancement216.441.4700 Ext: 224
Mr. Leo P. HylandPresidentDesk 216.641.2001; Cell/Text/Message 216.307.7830
Mrs. Anne JohnsSchool Counselor (Last Names P to Z)216.441.4700 Ext: 246
Mr. Michael JohnsonFacilities Team216.441.4700
Ms. Traci JonesTeaching Music216.441.4700 Ext: 307
Mrs. Jacqueline KeimCommunications Manager216-441-4700 Ext: 284
Mr. Mike KelleyIntervention Specialist216 441 4700 Ext: 282
Ms. Joni KimmelMathematics Teacher216 441 4700 Ext: 370
Mrs. Cynthia KinleyIntervention Specialist and Departmental Co-ChairpersonCell/Text/Message 440.940.6150 Ext: 260
Ms. Maggie LashAthletic Director216.441.4700 Ext: 262
Mr. John Lundy, Sr.Student Mentor, Head Football CoachCell/Text/Message 216.233.1705 Ext: 248
Mr. Kevin MackeyIntervention Specialist216 441 4700 Ext: 266
Mrs. Chriss MaglionicoCafeteria Manager216-403-2717
Ms. Yasmina MartinTeaching Government/Economics and U.S. History216 441 4700
Mr. Christopher McClureMaintenance216.441.4700
Deborah McDanielTeaching English
Mr. Mark MessnerIntervention Specialist216 441 4700
Ms. Turea MooreStudy Hall Monitor, Assistant Basketball Coach216 441 4700 Ext: 275
Ms. Kaitlin MorseAttendance Coordinator216 441 4700
Mr. David MurphyIntervention Specialist216.441.4700 Ext: 244
Mr. Thomas Murphy IIITeaching Physical Education216.441.4700 Ext: 350 Se habla español
Mr. Adam NestorTeaching Theology216 441 4700
Ms. Linda O’NeillFacilities Team216.441.4700
Mr. Dominic PetrellaTeaching English216 441 4700
Mr. R. Noah PollockTeaching EnglishCell/Text/Message: 216.512-0977 - Se habla español Ext: 386
Mr. Robert PopikTeacher Theology216 441 4700 Ext: 273
Ms. Beth RancourtTeaching Family and Consumer Sciences216.441.4700 Ext: 368
Mr. Matthew ReganFacilities Team216.441.4700
Mrs. Mildred RiveraFacilities Team216 441 4700
Mr. Preston RobertsTeaching Science216.441.4700 Ext: 312
Mr. Joseph Rock IITeaching English330.760.7066 Ext:
Ms. Beth Ann SalataTeaching English216.441.4700 Ext: 278
Sr. Mary Seton Schlather, SNDTeaching English, Publications, and Music216.441.4700 Ext: 330
Mrs. Tracy ScottBook Clerk216.441.4700 Ext: 249
Kel Shabazz `10Teaching English
Ms. Pamela ShelleyWork-Study Program Coordinator; & Office Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 225
Mr. Brad StricklenTeaching Algebra 1216 441 4700 Ext: 306
Mr. Rick ThomasTeaching Art216 441 4700 Ext: 256
Mrs. Margaret ToazSchool Counselor (Last Names P to Z)216.441.4700 Ext: 246
Mrs. Carol TroxellTeaching Computer Science; & Technology & Career Science Department Chairperson and Department ChairpersonCell/Text/Message: 440-941-1584 Ext: 384
Mr. Andrew UlleTeaching Math216.441.4700 Ext: 398
Ariel Watts `11Guidance Department
Ms. Cynthia WebsterTeaching Theology; & Campus Ministry216.441.4700 Ext: 309
Mrs. Donita WilksAttendance and Office Assistant216.441.4700 Ext: 220
Mrs. Erin WilliamsTeaching Social StudiesCell/Text/Message 234.256.0428 Ext: 311
Mr. Steven WinklerTeaching Spanish; & Second Language Department Chairperson440-742-4652 - Se habla español Ext: 372
Mr. Ralph WroblewskiTeaching Social Studies; & Social Studies Department Chairperson216.441.4700 Ext: 394
Sr. Erin Zubal, OSUAssistant PrincipalDesk: 441-4700, ext 229; Cell/Text: 216.393.7661 Ext: 229