The Library provides students with fiction, non-fiction, reference materials and access to the Internet and research databases. It is a great place to find information for a class assignment, type a paper, create a Google slide presentation, or select a book to read for your own enjoyment.

Students are welcome to use the library during their study hall or during lunch. Students must obtain a pass for the library at the beginning of the day. Students need to report to their Study Hall teacher first to get their pass signed before arriving at the library. Students are also welcome to use the library before or after school depending on the availability of the librarian.

In addition to the books in the library, there is a large selection of databases to use for research. INFOhio databases are accessed through the INFOhio button below. User names and passwords for use at home are posted in the library. There are many help topics available. There are also materials to help develop basic skills in math, science, history and much more.

Students can use the ISearch button to find books in the library as well as e-books and reference materials. To find results with our physical books, make sure you click on the “My Library” tab when the results page opens. Students can search by title or subject as well as by author.

Your Librarian is waiting to assist you. Take some time to explore.

Library Online Catalog

gale research

Databases provided by Infohio. They are available at school or at home.


Overdrive. If you prefer to read a book on your personal device, go to Overdrive Shared Collection. Use the drop-down menu to find our school. Then use your Google account and ID to sign in and check out books.

Ohio Means Jobs

More than 100 programs to learn, practice and prepare for tests on a variety of subjects in elementary, middle and high school.

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Dictionary and Thesaurus

Your (includes Spanish and Latin dictionaries). Click Here to Visit