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Remember, at the heart of every successful reunion are alumni dedicated to bringing classmates together to celebrate the special memories of high school or to commemorate the anniversary of their graduation. Every Cleveland Central Catholic Alumni Reunion is organized by fellow classmates with the help of the Advancement Department.


Cleveland Central Catholic Alumni Reunion Checklist


  •     Pick a chairperson– it does not have to be the class president– and form a working committee.
  •     Get your class list from the Advancement Department.
  •     Send your classmates a postcard to gauge interest. Based on the results, begin planning.
  •     Select a location, choose a menu, and set a price.
  •     Decide if you want to have a Mass and if you do, contact a priest.
  •     Book a photographer, a band and/or a DJ.
  •     Decide if you want to publish a program book or have name tags.
  •     Decide on decorations.
  •    Consider having a 50/50 raffle.
  •    Notify the CCC Advancement Staff. The reunion notice will be listed in the Connection magazine and on the website.


The alumni office can prepare your mailing list at no charge. Please consider giving any proceeds to your alma mater.

Please help us find alumni that we may have lost touch with. If you have information for alumni not receiving current mailings, please forward their contact information to Advancement Associate Matt Bobby at